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JTAG Technologies has released the JTAG ProVision and JTAG Visualizer development and hardware debug tools.

ProVision combines advanced automation with a high level of control and precision when creating test programs and in-system programming (ISP) routines for PLDs and flash memories.

JTAG Visualizer allows users to view JTAG-oriented files (such as fault reports) superimposed onto the schematic or layout of the PCB under test, and hence provides an aid to diagnosing manufacturing process faults.

Enhancements to ProVision include: ActiveTest, an interactive cluster test generator; buffer and multiplexer support in memory testing; and password control for the integrated sequencing capability of ProVision, so users with different credential levels can use the built-in application execution features.

The ProVision model library has also been expanded and contains models for more than 4,650 non-boundary-scan device families, covering more than 28,500 different devices.

Enhancements to JTAG Visualizer include: flip and rotate views in JTAG Visualizer, allowing the user to ‘see’ the board in different orientations; Worldview, a JTAG Visualizer window that shows the lay-out or schematic at a small scale, and zooming in on the drawing indicates which part of the board or schematic is being displayed in the ‘normal view’.

Users can also drag the Worldview window to view other portions of the board or schematic.

JTAG ProVision remains fully compatible with the prior ‘Classic’ development tools as well as with all of JTAG Technologies’ production systems.

In addition, the latest versions of JTAG ProVision and JTAG Visualizer are available free-of-charge to customers with valid maintenance contracts.

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