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JTT Equipment Services of Grantham is using Exide Technologies’ maintenance-free Sonnenschein monobloc gel batteries and high-frequency SP chargers.

The company is the sole distributor of Bitimec Speedy Wash equipment in the UK and Ireland and sells mobile brush wash equipment to bus, coach and haulage companies.

Until recently, the majority of its systems were diesel powered, although battery-powered versions were available.

In 2009, a customer asked how much it cost to recharge the four onboard batteries over the nine-hour recharge period.

Richard Benson, JTT’s sales director, contacted Andrew Helan, sales manager at Exide, and discovered that it was GBP0.49 with a modern high-frequency charger, offering a runtime of around 4.5 hours.

This compares with an equivalent GBP4.50 for diesel.

Benson said: ‘Diesel has associated implications for storage and safety.

‘Diesel engines require maintenance every 150 hours, involving changes of air, oil and fuel filters, costing GBP70 alone.

‘Some of our bus and coach customers have depots in built-up areas and need to clean vehicles overnight.

‘Diesel engines throbbing away overnight doesn’t do much for a company’s local relations.

‘The battery-powered units are so quiet that you can actually have a conversation with the operator.

‘It also means that they can be used indoors,’ he added.

Benson selected Exide’s Sonnenschein monobloc gel batteries and high-frequency SP chargers.

He said: ‘The chargers are smaller than a shoebox and can be plugged into a standard single-phase socket.

‘The chargers come with a five-year warranty and, although the batteries have a standard one-year warranty, we have not had one single battery need replacing in the four years we have been using them.

‘In contrast, users of the diesel variety need a service contract in order to meet warranty conditions.

‘The battery versions simply need a quick annual safety inspection,’ added Benson.

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