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By utilising Zytronic’s PCT-based touch sensors, NSM Music has added large-format, durable, projected capacitive touch-screen functionality to its latest generation of online jukeboxes, Icon.

The Icon range consists of the Icon2, Icon Apollo and Icon Fusion, with 19, 40 and 32in touchscreens respectively, all featuring a custom-designed Zybrid touch sensor.

Via NSM’s rich user interface, customers can quickly and easily browse and select from more than 80,000 music/video tracks, as well as gaining access to Youtube and RSS feeds of sports results, news and weather reports, all at the touch of a finger.

Zybrid is fully customisable and can meet the needs of any form/factor display requirements between 5 and 82in.

The PCT sensor structure utilised by Zybrid detects touch via tiny capacitance changes in a matrix of micro-fine capacitors, embedded within a laminated substrate.

This substrate can be placed behind thick protective overlays and the technology can be fully sealed into a bezel, facilitating IP67 levels of protection from water ingress.

As a result, the touch sensor is protected from scratches, dirt, liquid spills, harsh cleaning fluids and other forms of impairment that often shorten the operational lifespan of resistive, optical and other front surface detection touchscreens, for example.

PCT sensors can be designed to eliminate the need for a frame and can also be screen printed, enabling sleek all-glass fronted display designs to be created, with the added benefit of a hygienic wipe clean surface free of a dirt trapping bezel.

The sensor matrix subdivides the screen into pixel-like cells.

The size and resolution of the touch-sensitive area can be scaled up by adding extra capacitors, enabling a broad spectrum of possible screen formats.

The diameter of the capacitors in the sensor matrix is 10um, making them effectively invisible when the display is powered and meaning light transmission is unimpaired.

In the case of the Icon unit, PCT has allowed the jukebox’s readability to be maximised and not compromised by the lighting conditions of the venue in which it is located.

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