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Molex has released the Solarspec junction box and cable assemblies, which are specifically designed for applications in the solar and renewable energy industries.

The Solarspec products are designed for installation on the back of monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) solar modules.

These products provide the interface between the conductor ribbons on the panel and the DC input/output (I/O) cables.

Peter Commane, the company’s product manager, said: ‘The automated fabrication of PV modules improves efficiencies and product integrity and reduces production overhead.

‘By utilising automated production lines, the assembly time of a junction box to a PV panel can be reduced considerably.

‘The Solarspec junction box from Molex is specially designed for pick-and-place panel assembly,’ he added.

The junction box features spring terminals connecting the base directly to the PV ribbon conductors, without need for retention clamps or clips.

Optional patented Solder Charge Technology facilitates high-speed assembly and eliminates the need for the hand soldering of the ribbon, reducing any process variation.

Optional double-sided tape removes the need for curing time for silicone when attaching the connector base to a module.

The compact dimensional profile can supply current ratings comparable to traditional larger products, according to Molex.

The Solarspec junction box assembly is supplied with two removable DC cables available in dual-qualified (TUV and UL) or single-qualified (TUV) options.

The junction box contains bypass diodes to protect the PV panel from reverse current during hours of darkness, shade or when covered by leaves or other debris.

The junction box assembly houses the diodes and DC cable in the removable top cover of the housing to facilitate field repair or replacement in the event of damage or wear.

The top cover and base module are secured together with a locking mechanism to prevent the accidental exposure of high-voltage contacts.

The Solarspec junction box is manufactured in ISO-certified production plants.

The junction box is the latest addition to the company’s range of connectors and cables assemblies for solar applications.

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