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Spelsberg’s IBT junction boxes are said to be suitable for concrete installation systems in hospitals, educational establishments and residential buildings, for example.

The use of pre-cast concrete panels has allowed a number of construction companies in the UK to reduce construction time and costs on large buildings, according to the company.

Panels are cast to size in the factory and then transported to the construction site.

This accelerates both the construction phase and the finishing phase of a project, as the panels can be delivered with a high surface finish that can be ready for painting without the need for additional grouting or plastering.

When casting the panels, the user must also take into consideration any high-grade technology that needs to be incorporated within the building structure.

Spelsberg claims that choosing the right accessories is essential; from junction boxes and conduits to wall and ceiling transfers, and a variety of components in between, these accessories have a major effect on both the overall finish and the overall ease of installation – factors that, in turn, have an impact on cost and timescales.

The IBT system provides a solution for pre-cast concrete panels in a number of projects, including hospitals, educational establishments and residential buildings.

These junction boxes for concrete installation systems are designed to be as strong and stable as the concrete itself, while ensuring ease of assembly, straightforward use on site and a high-quality finish.

One of Spelsberg’s customers said: ‘These are the only housings we have seen that are specifically designed for use with pre-cast concrete.

‘A key advantage is the sealing, which prevents any of the concrete fines from getting inside the housing.

‘This has always been a problem with conventional metal solutions, which need you to take special sealing measures, adding time, cost and effort to the procedure,’ added the customer.

Suitable for horizontal and vertical sections, Spelsberg’s IBT housings allow junction boxes and other installation components to be fixed to the formwork before the actual concreting process.

The housings are fixed to the metal formwork and the required conduit connected, and then the concrete is poured in.

When the concrete is set and the formwork removed, all the required housings and conduits are in place ready for cabling and components to be installed.

IBT enclosures are made from halogen-free, high-temperature-resistant material, with products available in a range of sizes that can be assembled to fit nearly all requirements.

According to the company, good sealing is ensured thanks to a patented diaphragm system without special grommets.

The faces of the housings can be secured to the metal formwork using magnets or glued in face, with a large flat face area ensuring good contact for secure, reliable positioning.

Once the panel has been cast and the formwork removed, the blue face of the IBT housing is clearly visible.

The on-site engineer simply has to punch through the front cast to gain access to the cast-in-place housing, which is then ready for the insertion of cabling and equipment.

The range of products within the IBT system portfolio includes universal boxes, junction boxes, installation boxes, wall and ceiling transfers, special boxes and a full range of accessories, from sealing plugs, caps, blank bases, cleats and support bars to a variety of punch tools.

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