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Kabelschlepp is offering cable carriers and accessory elements that pay particular attention to performance, functionality and reduced noise generation.

The cable carrier Quantum from the Vario-line, which can be varied in 1mm width sections with aluminum stays, is lightweight and runs extremely quietly with low vibration.

With its extruded sidebands, this cable carrier for high speeds and accelerations is low-wear and clean-room compatible; it is also available in a solid plastic design.

Due to its link-free construction and very small pitch, the polygon effect is minimised.

Operational tests by TUV Rheinland on a Q060.100.100 at a distance of 0.5m with uniform and jerky movement achieved a measurement area sound pressure level of 31db (A).

On a noise scale, the Quantum is slightly louder than a whisper at 20db (A) and significantly lower than the hum of a refrigerator at 50db (A).

Due to its low-noise operation, it is suitable for applications with low-vibration linear drives.

Special plastic and steel cables in the supporting base make it extremely durable.

The driver connection can move sideways and can be turned through up to +/- 30deg, allowing 3D movements.

The plastic carrier TKR 0200 with a noise level of 45db (A) offers almost identical benefits.

In this carrier, flexible plastic lips are injection moulded onto the chain links as movable connecting elements.

As the TKR carrier does not have any pin-hole joints, there is hardly any link wear, making this type also suitable for clean-room applications.

Other areas of application include handling and assembly systems, robots, measuring equipment, automatic pick-and-place systems, and printing and textile machines.

Quiet operation was also a priority in the development of the solid plastic cable carriers Protum and Profile, for applications with short travel lengths and high speeds.

Kabelschlepp’s engineers have also achieved reductions in the time and expense needed to install the cables, which can simply be pressed in.

This means that cable laying and exchange takes less time during service and maintenance work.

In the Master-L Series, extremely low-noise operation is ensured by an internal damping system for pre-tension and radius strokes.

Their weight-optimised construction with a variety of separation options is also characterised by a particularly good ratio of inner to outer width.

Integrated noise damping for very quiet operation is also fitted in the Easytrax 0320.

Its combination of materials and stable carrier body with flexible lamella crossbars allows the implementation of large unsupported lengths.

The crossbars swivel out forward instead of downward; the interior of the carrier remains complete and no space is wasted in the carrier cross-section.

In the weight-optimised generation of the Uniflex from the solid plastic carrier range, very quiet operation has been achieved by means of internal noise damping to reduce the impact noise.

New external dampers for the Uniflex Advanced series carriers have also reduced rolling noise.

The dampers can be fitted on the crossbar and reduce the noise when the carrier rolls in guide channels and support trays.

The use of external dampers is particularly recommended for guide channels and support trays that are only attached at points and hence form a resonating body.

Kabelschlepp Metool

KABELSCHLEPP can supply all your cable chain (drag chain) requirements for your moving applications – including cables!

We cover any size and material requirement you may have. Our cost effective carriers and technical know-how in both steel and plastic results in being THE only carrier supplier you will need.

KABELSCHLEPP Metool’s range of cable chains provides vital protection to moving cables and hoses on your equipment. If you are an OEM or end user – we have a product.

One of our hallmarks is the material variety in our portfolio.

Whether steel, stainless steel, plastic or hybrid solutions with plastic chains – KABELSCHLEPP are always able to select the optimal material quality for the respective application.

Whatever your carrier must be – economical or versatile, lightweight or robust. Whether you need fast or silent cable carriers, large unsupported lengths, fixed carrier widths or customized to the exact millimeter. Large interior heights or special design requirements – 3D carriers – we can supply!

We cover ANY cable carrier – (drag chain) – size and application requirement you have.

KABELSCHLEPP also offers a comprehensive flexible cable range, specially designed for dynamic applications – TRAXLINE. We offer a wide selection of cables which are cost effective, flexible and extremely durable. For indoor and outdoor applications, shielded or unshielded, temperature or UV-resistant, cost-effective or high-end products with high mechanical resistance are available. The cable series covers every need in power, control, high-performance, single-conductor, data, BUS and Coax cabling, as well as common system cabling to Siemens or Indramat standards.

Our cable ranges meet the highest quality standards.

KABELSCHLEPP is a provider of solutions – TOTALTRAX –

Cable carriers, cables and connectors – matched components, supplied ready to install and with a warranty for the entire system!

The benefits of TOTALTRAX, design engineers can fully concentrate on their main task. This creates the potential for more efficient capacity utilization – a particularly important factor at a time when the economy is experiencing a further upturn.

KABELSCHLEPP can also provide kit for machine structures – Telescopic covers, Way Wipers, Link apron Covers, bellow and Conveyors.

Whatever the application – Kabelschlepp with its experienced UK engineers, cost effective product and comprehensive range – we are THE contact for you.

We look forward to your call – for a no obligation quotation today.

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