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KAC’s standard indoor manual call point is suited for offices, hotels and public buildings, while the IP67 WCP is for use in environments where water or dust will be present.

In addition to the core range for use in conventional and addressable fire-alarm systems, versions are also available for use in process control, door release, extinguisher discharge and other applications where a manual-activation method that has to be reset using a tool is required.

Modular in construction and available in break-glass and resettable versions, the units feature a termination connector that enables first fix wiring to be tested for continuity and ground faults without the call point having to be installed.

Installation time is significantly reduced when compared to previous generations.

Alternative standard switching configurations and different resistor values ensure compatibility with the majority of available control equipment.

The IP67 sealed WCP is designed for use outdoors or in harsh environments where large amounts of dust, dirt or moisture can be expected to be present in the atmosphere.

Based on the MCP, it offers identical functionality, as well as environmental protection.

For use in hazardous areas, Zone 1-approved versions of the MCP are available and WCP devices are approved for use in Zone 0 and 20 enclosed or open environments in fixed offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, flour mills, grain silos and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present.

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