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Kal-Guard+ from Watermatic is an electrolytic scale inhibitor that delivers a water-treatment process to manage limescale.

The unit features a controller to match the level of water treatment to suit the local water-hardness conditions.

In independent testing at Cranfield University it reduced limescale formation on heating surfaces by up to 80 per cent.

Cyprus has recently been experiencing severe drought conditions and at one time last year its water reserve was just three per cent of what it should have been.

To address this, the Cyprus government has been importing water by tanker from Greece at great expense.

Severe water rationing was introduced, with water being available for just two or three days a week and then only for a few hours at a time.

As the island relies on tourism for a large part of its income, there is a major need to manage the available water in such a way to ensure this industry is not impacted upon too greatly, but at the same time to provide enough to ensure needs are met.

The local water hardness is around 700ppm, with the tanker water from Greece being even harder.

This meant the water needed treating to avoid limescale accumulating in pipes, appliances and in water, air conditioning and heating systems within buildings.

The Kal-Guard from Watermatic was introduced to Cyprus during 2007.

It clears out accumulated limescale in buildings and stops new scale from forming.

Cyprus’s water authority is considering recommending it for use in treating municipal water.

The Kal-Guard is being employed on many new developments in the island.

One building taking advantage of Kal-Guard+ is situated in a village north of Paphos.

It contains 12 large luxury apartments that all share a large pool.

The water coming into the building is through a 1in main that is split into separate feeds through 1/2in water meters.

The Kal-Guard has been approved by Cyprus’s water authority for use in such buildings, where it may be fitted into the water main before the meters (normally part of the water company’s property) are.

This way a single Kal-Guard+ commercial unit can serve all the separate water users.

This installation will be completed with a lockable overall casing accessible by the water authority and the servicing team only.

The unit consists of a double filter because the water in Cyprus carries high levels of sand as sediment in the water supply and this has to be eliminated.

The Kal-Guard+ is mounted on the outlet to the filters and prior to the manifold leading to each apartment’s water meter.

All water equipment in the building for cold and hot-water purposes is treated and all water-carrying equipment will have a longer life expectancy than has previously been the case.


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