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One of Kaltenbach’s plate-processing centres, the KF1606 single-head CNC plasma system, has been installed at the purpose-built RIM Fabrications’ site in Kintore, Scotland.

The KF1606 has been developed specifically for the demands of fabricators and stockists, where accurate profiles and drilled, counter-bored and tapped holes can be rapidly achieved in strip-fed material from 6-60mm thick and up to 1.6m wide, using acetylene or high-speed plasma.

Used by RIM Fabrications for cutting typical structural fittings, the KF1606 is fully PLC controlled via an integrated monitor and keyboard console.

The KF is supported by a material-feed and length-positioning twin-gripper system on an 8m-long input rollerway, with laser beam datum line and an automatic six-tool changer for drilling, counter sinking and thread cutting, using HSS or TCT tools There is also an auto-tilt table within the output conveyor to exit either small finished or waste parts into a container, while larger finished items or plate remnant exit onto a 2m output rollerway.

Cutting torch head and tool-bits are PLC-traversed and positioned to suit, with tool-bit speed and feed rates automatically pre-programmed via the machine’s operating system to suit each selected tool diameter.

Operator override is also possible via the control panel.

Cutting instructions are directly downloaded to the machine from the RIM planning department and cutting and best nesting layouts are automatically achieved through the machine’s integrated Lantek software.

Included is the VPN (Virtual Private Network) modem link to Kaltenbach engineers, enabling the monitoring and interrogation of the machine’s performance.

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