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Ideal for small- to medium-volume manufacturers of high-performance aluminium doors and windows, a cutting line from Italian machine builder, FOM, is now available in the UK from Kasto.

The LT500 line is available in two versions, with either a fixed or roller-type unloading table, the latter capable of handling cut pieces of 5m and above.

Both models incorporate a cropper and step-in system to feed aluminium bars towards an NC manipulator arm with pneumatic gripper, which then advances the material up to a stop in the cutting area.

Horizontal alignment of the bar, which can be up to 7m long, is by a pneumatic stop and magnetic sensor.

The aluminium is clamped by manually-adjustable horizontal and vertical vices with jaws that are interchangeable to suit the profile type.

Cutting by the 500mm diameter blade of the single-head mitre saw can be at three fixed angles, 45, 90 or 135 degrees.

Electrical adjustment of mitre angle from 30 to 160 degrees is an option.

During the cutting process, off-cuts and swarf are removed via an internal chute.

A series of blowers aims jets of air at the machining area to keep work surfaces as clear as possible of swarf.

They continue to blow after completion of the cut to finish the table-cleaning process before arrival of the next profile.

Cut pieces are transferred onto a moving table with a non-scratch surface, and from there to the offload table.

The 3-axis CNC system is connected to a Windows Vista PC, from where cutting order data is downloaded.

The PC has been designed to swivel towards the loading area to allow the operator to see the bar being fed through, or towards the unloading area to make it easier to use an optional labelling device.

Procut software is able to create and save cutting lists, import and optimise external lists over a network or from a USB memory stick, manage profile archives containing sections and cutting parameters, and display profiles in DXF format while an order is being cut.

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