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The Katflow ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters help breweries to save money at most production steps involving liquids flowing through fully filled pipes.

Due to their ultrasonic measurement technology, they are cost effective to install and operate.

Katronic also offers portable meters, which can be used for many different purposes and applications regardless of the type of fluid, pipe material or diameter.

The Katronic ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters can be used to monitor most brewery flow processes.

This flexibility is achieved by the clamp-on mounting technique.

It enables the flow of liquids to be measured non-intrusively and non-invasively from the outside of pipes.

This method of measurement has no effect on the flowing medium and provides reliable and precise results for a range of liquids over a broad range of flow velocities.

The ultrasonic flowmeters of the Katflow series deliver accurate and reliable measurement data.

The flowmeters feature various process in- and outputs as well as serial communication interfaces.

They can be fully embedded into process automation systems.

Every Katronic flowmeter offers an RS232 or USB interface.

In addition to that, the fixed installed Katflow 150 also features 0/4…20mA current and PT100 temperature inputs, 0/4…20mA current, digital open collector and digital relay outputs along with a RS485 and Modbus interface option.

There are several factors that make the Katflow flowmeters suitable for the brewing industry.

Installing a clamp-on flowmeter does not create intrusions, which allow bacterial growth inside the pipe.

This means there is no risk of contaminating the product.

As the sensors are never in contact with the flowing medium, the portable flowmeters can be used on many different applications regardless of the type of fluid.

In addition to that, the instruments work on all common pipe materials and diameters from 10 to 3,000mm.

With a response time of only one second, the Katflow flowmeters can measure rapidly changing flow velocities as they occur, for example during CIP flushing processes.

The Katflow ultrasonic flowmeter sensors are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -30C to 130C and more.

As a result, they can be used on any application involved or related to the brewing process that features a broad range of process temperatures.

The portable Katflow 230 and fixed installed Katflow 150 enable the brewer to monitor the temperature changes of most flowing liquids.

Externally mounted sensors mean that the Katronic flowmeters have no effect on the flowing liquid and will not cause a pressure drop across the measurement location.

Due to their contactless ultrasonic flow-measurement technique, low response time and the high temperature tolerance of the flow sensors, Katronic flowmeters are ideal for monitoring CIP flushes, which are carried out regularly at breweries to maintain a sterile process environment.

Whether they are portable instruments or designed for permanent installation, the Katronic Katflow ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters are cost-effective devices for breweries to save resources, energy and costs.

The flowmeters also help increase the brewery’s eco-friendliness and contribute to a more efficient production process.

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