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Katronic Technologies has added the Katflow instruments to its range of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters.

The new Katflow flowmeters are robust, reliable and user-friendly.

There are three flowmeters in the range: the Katflow 200 is a simple handheld ultrasonic flowmeter for all standard flow applications; the Katflow 230 is an advanced portable flowmeter for dual-channel and energy measurement; and the Katflow 150 is a multifunctional flowmeter for all flow applications.

The meters have an audible and visual indication of ideal sensor-location to help the user position the ultrasonic sensors.

The flowmeters now also feature full diagnostics with a built-in oscilloscope to properly evaluate the measurements and identify installation problems.

The programming of the flowmeters has been further simplified with a set-up wizard to guide the user through the entire commissioning process.

The KF200 and the KF230 are also considerably smaller and lighter than their predecessor.

The KF200 handheld flowmeter weighs less than 700g.

The KF230 weighs less than 2kg, which is made possible by its sleek lines, which are only 32mm thick.

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