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Kawasaki Robotics will debut its first Delta arm robot to the packaging industry at this year’s PPMA Show. 

Integrated with a vision system, the Y Series will illustrate ultra-high-speed pick-and-place tasks while maintaining smooth motion control and accurate repeatability, Kawasaki claims.

In addition to food-grade grease and oil, the system has been designed for wash down with abrasive acid/alkaline cleaners, making it suitable for installation in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Key specifications

  • Performs the standard industry TAC test of 25/305/25 in 0.45 seconds with a maximum payload of 3kg
  • Test time lowers to 0.27 seconds with a maximum payload of 1kg
  • Positional and angular repeatability of +/-0.1mm
  • Optional fifth axis
  • Avoids using a centre shaft for rotational movement by having a wrist-mounted motor
  • Reduces exposed components and potential contamination traps
  • Work envelope of 1,300mm on horizontal and 500mm on vertical movement
  • Supplied with Kawasaki’s latest E-Controller
  • Food-grade grease and oil is standard

Kawasaki Robotics

Based on 40 years of experience in the development and production of industrial robots, Kawasaki Robotics provides state-of-the-art technology as well as comprehensive knowledge and services in many different applications. Kawasaki Robotics (UK) Ltd. of Warrington, UK supports customers in the UK and Ireland.

We offer extensive technical support including spare-parts service, comprehensive product and applications training, 3D simulations, engineering and many other services.

Quality products

Based on the renowned Japanese quality, Kawasaki Robotics offers you a full line of industrial robots for many different applications. For instance, arc and spot welding, palletising, handling, assembly, painting, sealing as well as clean-room applications, just to mention a few areas.

With payloads between 2 and 500Kg for many different applications in various production processes, Kawasaki industrial robots are used in almost all industry sectors.

Technical service

Kawasaki Robotics provides the best possible services to support their customers and ensure uninterrupted operations of their robots. Experienced technicians are at the customer's disposal for implementing initial operation, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, as well as a professional spare parts service.

Engineering support and simulation

Our application engineers assist you with the offline programming as well as with 3D simulation of your automation solution to optimise economical use of our industrial robots. This will cut the high costs of your initial operational tests. Optimisation of your automation solution at Kawasaki Robotics starts as early as the planning phase.

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