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KCTS consultants Cordell Hensley and Malcolm Newman have provided a local food manufacturer with a free Lean health check.

Hensley and Newman assessed the food manufacturer’s operation, its leadership and its systems.

By observing aspects such as meeting etiquette and content, key performance indicators and methods, shift handovers and production changeovers, as well as having discussions with numerous members of staff, KCTS was able to determine and feed back an objective view of the business’s continuous improvement programme and the next steps the company should take to improve its performance.

This food manufacturer was having issues with capacity, so it had planned some structural expansion over the coming months.

However, KCTS consultants were able to identify several opportunities to increase capacity within the current setup by focusing efforts in the right area and providing the workforce with some of the skills needed to improve operations.

Changeovers were identified as a particular weakness; with some focused changeover reduction training, the workforce should be able to increase its current capacity by at least six hours’ production time per week.

The other area where this business was lacking was its focus on where the losses in capacity were actually coming from.

By introducing short interval control, the company should be able to increase capacity by a further six hours per week, taking the total capacity increase to 12 hours.

KCTS offers free Lean health checks to local businesses and has a few slots left for the coming quarter.

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