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KCTS has announced that its Mobile Investigation Camera Kit (Mick), ideal for filming onsite production process problems for investigations into chronic or sporadic problems, has been factory tested.

After upgrading the Mick to Mick II, the latest model has been fully tested in a live factory environment.

Matthew Treby, technical consultant, has been to a local factory and put Mick II through its paces to evaluate the system and ensure the quality of the product; he said that the picture was perfect.

Improvements to the unit include a new camera cabling system that is lighter and more flexible and that can run for longer lengths.

The cases have also been improved so that they are more portable and hardwearing; the components split into several flight cases, facilitating access and making them lighter to carry.

The picture quality from the cameras has been enhanced, allowing sharper and clearer images to be recorded and played back at various speeds.

To further enhance the viewing experience, the monitor size has also been increased.

Thanks to the improved image quality, the company has upgraded the storage capability, as well as making it easier to get data from the unit by DVD and memory stick.

Mick II is said to be easier to use than the previous Mick, with the inclusion of a mouse and remote control.

The system still retains it core fundamental components of clamps, arms and tripods, as these are essential in order to position the cameras accurately in awkward positions.

Mick II can still function at 110V or 240V and can, therefore, be used worldwide with no modifications.

The Mick II system will be on sale from September.

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