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Kcut, a waterjet-cutting specialist, has bought a Calypso waterjet cutting system from Wightman Stewart that includes a KMT 50HP Streamline Plus pump.

Kcut has also bought a Boosterline constant-pressure water supply system, closed-loop coolers and an Active IDE (integrated diamond inductor) cutting head, all from KMT.

Kcut connected the 50HP KMT to the previous pump so they could supply high-pressure water to both cutting machines, increasing their cutting capability.

For example, the machines can be used with multiple cutting heads, and the larger (4 x 2M) bed on the Calypso machine enables larger sheets to be loaded and cut.

Kcut also fitted a KMT Boosterline system while the Calypso table was being installed.

This consists of a 1000-litre water tank, a pump and a pressure-limiting valve that delivers water at a constant pressure to the two 50HP ultra high-pressure pumps (intensifiers).

This helps reduce wear on the intensifier seals, cutting downtime.

The Streamline 50HP pump came with a closed-loop oil/air cooler; Kcut retrofitted an identical cooler to its existing pump.

The closed-loop cooler consumes only small amounts of water, reducing running costs.

The high-efficiency cooling also extends the life of the wear-parts in the intensifiers.

Kcut bought a KMT IDE cutting head to complement the new machine and intensifier.

This cutting head provides two advantages when used for abrasive waterjet cutting: substantially longer life than conventional cutting heads and improved quality of cut thanks to the more consistent stream.

John Fothergill, a director at Kcut, said: ‘Originally we might have expected a set of pump seals to last 40-50 hours, but now we are getting 1700 hours on our KMT pump.

‘It is a similar story with cutting heads; we used to have to reseal the heads every 60-80 hours, but now the KMT IDE heads run for 2000 hours or more.’

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