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Witt’s KD100-1A gas flushing system allows the cost-effective production of the modified atmospheres that keep food fresh.

It uses a zirconia sensor with a measuring range of 0-25 per cent with +/- 0.2 per cent repeatability for providing fast measurements to ensure the easy control of protective gas.

Fluctuations of up to 0.01 per cent can be registered and allowed for when flushing.

Other features include a lockable transparent door to protect the programmed settings.

KD100-1A is a fully automatic electronic flow-control system that can be used on automatic packaging lines.

It can reduce gas consumption by up to 30 per cent.

It automatically regulates the gas flow until the required oxygen level is reached.

It then continues to control the O2 value at the desired level, while the non-destructive analysis of the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) continuously protects the food quality.

It can be used with all standard protective gases, including nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and their mixes as well as other technical gases and their mixes, excluding combustible gases.

If the O2 concentration exceeds the maximum permissible limit, this triggers an alarm and the line shuts down – an audible alarm is available as an option.

The system also allows for pressure fluctuations in the gas supply and the speed of the line or the size of package has no bearing on its operability.

It is supplied with interfaces for documentation and remote transfer of setting and measured values for quality-control purposes.

It also comes with an easy-to-read digital display in a splash-proof stainless-steel casing.

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