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KEC has purpose-built an EMC test box for Alstom Grid, to be used in annual maintenance checks, allowing operators to configure data back into the VBE cubicles and check for faults.

The box, designated the KA0916, plugs into Alstom Grid VBE cabinets that are used as part of the company’s high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) electronic power transmission systems.

KEC’s design uses a standard DGA25M30 backshell from the KEC Inotec range.

This is drilled to receive four toggle switches and a push switch that are internally wired to a high-density D type connector to interface with the VBE cabinet.

Blanking plugs are fitted in the unused open cable entry points to ensure high levels of EMC throughout the system.

The prototype was evaluated, tested and approved by Alstom Grid and the assembly is now in full production.

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