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Over the next few months at Fraser Technologies, we will be expanding our range of Koki halogen-free solder pastes. We are always looking for ways to act on our company ethos to help the environment and stay ahead of legislation, and the coming expansion of our halogen-free solder paste range is just one of many examples of this…

In recent years, there has been much discussion about the negative environmental impact of halogenated compounds, which culminated in an EU ban on halogen lightbulbs in 2018. With the future in mind, we are always looking at new products and technologies to ensure we provide customers with options that meet their sustainability needs as well as their performance requirements.

While you watch out for our exciting upcoming announcements, take a look at the Koki halogen-free solder pastes we currently offer. We are committed to finding the solder paste that fits your unique business needs. We can offer consultations and product trials to ensure the solder paste is exactly right for you, and solves any challenges you may be experiencing. Our current offering includes the Koki S3X58-M650-7 solder paste, which is specially engineered to ensure outstanding continual printability with super-fine pitch and CSP applications; and the Koki TB48/TAB58-M742 solder paste, which provides outstanding wetting and low voiding performance using a low melting point alloy.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the range expansion. In the meantime, find more information on our halogen-free and other solder pastes by clicking here.

Should you wish to trial one of our halogen-free solder pastes please get in touch.

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Fraser Technologies are proud to have supported the cleaning industry for last 50 years, working closely with their customers to understand their challenges and their expertise to offer best-in-class cleaning solutions. From component cleaning, electronics soldering, and heat transfer & carrier fluids they have built their expertise over the last 50 years and still continue to offer technological advances, adapt to legislative changes and embrace environmental challenges.

Fraser Technologies are well known for being considered one of the leaders within the Precision Cleaning industry and offer a wide range of new generation chemistries coupled with both solvent and aqueous cleaning systems. They can help extend the life of existing processes and equipment, recommend and install new equipment, or look at how best to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. This is all achieved through their superior trial and demonstration facilities and first class after sales service.

Companies from the aerospace & defence, electronics, medical, optics and automotive industries have chosen to work with them because of their expert knowledge in their industries, their independent range of products, and their can-do tried and tested approach to ensuring they provide access to the latest technologies – improving performance, productivity, environmental performance and operator safety.

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