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Keithley Instruments, an electrical test instruments and systems firm, has launched the Keithley Test Environment Interactive (KTEI) V8.2 upgrade for its Model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterisation system.

The upgrade includes non-volatile memory (NVM) test libraries and sample projects for a variety of emerging memory technologies.

The upgrade also supports making very low frequency capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements, which are useful for characterising device technologies such as polymer electronics, organic LEDs (OLEDs), and OLED-based displays.

In addition, KTEI V8.2 supports Model 4200-SCS system configurations with ultra-fast current-voltage (I-V) test modules.

Key features

  • The NVM test libraries included in KTEI V8.2 expand the system’s capabilities for testing all types of non-volatile memory devices, including flash, phase change memory (PRAM and PC-RAM), resistive memory (RRAM or ReRAM), and magnetoresistive (MRAM) memory devices
  • KTEI V8.2 provides a common set of test libraries for testing the various NVM technologies while incorporating the measurement hardware requirements associated with each
  • The test libraries are designed to build on the capabilities provided in two of the newest hardware options for the Model 4200-SCS, the Model 4225-PMU ultra-fast I-V Module, and the Model 4225-RPM remote amplifier/switch module
  • Includes a new patent-pending technique for making very low frequency capacitance-voltage (VLF C-V) measurements with the system’s DC SMUs and low current remote pre-amplifier that allows measuring device capacitance and resistance at frequencies from 10Hz down to 10mHz
  • The Model 4200-SCS system can support up to six Model 4225-PMU modules in its nine-slot chassis.
  • By boosting the maximum number of Model 4225-PMU modules the Model 4200-SCS can support, KTEI V8.2 expands the systems ability to characteriae multiple devices by testing them in parallel

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