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Keithley Instruments has introduced ACS Basic Edition characterisation and curve tracer software for component test applications.

ACS Basic Edition integrates with Keithley’s Sourcemeter instrument range to replace obsolete curve tracers.

ACS Basic Edition performs basic curve tracing and parametric testing.

It is targeted at bench-top component test applications that do not require integrated probers.

ACS Basic Edition provides a library of pre-configured component test routines to shorten start-up time, reduce programming code development and simplify the test process.

ACS Basic Edition combines the ease-of-use of a curve tracer with the analytic capabilities of a parametric analyser.

ACS Basic Edition allows anyone to test a semiconductor component in seconds and immediately compare the characteristic curves with reference curves.

ACS Basic Edition provides a variety of tools that make it simple to reconfigure for different component types.

The technician simply selects the graphical icon of the component type and selects the test; moments later the characteristic curve is displayed.

ACS Basic Edition provides the tabular data in spreadsheet form.

This is complemented by a formulator, which allows mathematical or parametric extractions to be performed on the raw curve tracer data.

This makes parametric characterisation as easy as using a curve tracer.

ACS Basic Edition provides a powerful multi-test capability that allows many different tests to be strung together on a single device.

ACS Basic Edition can be configured with any Series 2400, Series 2600 or Series 2600A instruments to provide high power or low-level characterisation from a powerful 1KW pulse to a very sensitive 1fA measurement resolution.

When characterising high power devices, ACS Basic Edition is typically combined with the Keithley Model 2612A Dual-channel System Sourcemeter instrument, which provides up to 200V a channel (400V differential across two channels) or 10A pulse (1.5A continuous).

For higher power testing, ACS Basic Edition can be combined with the Keithley Model 2430 1kW Pulse Mode System Sourcemeter instrument for sourcing and measuring up to 100V at 10A with 150 micro-second pulses.

The Keithley Model 2636A Dual-channel System Sourcemeter instrument is typically used when characterising sensitive components such as advanced silicon gates or nanoscale devices.

The Model 2636A provides two source-measure channels with 1fA measurement resolution.

A mix of Sourcemeter Instruments can be combined to provide a range of capabilities in a single configuration.

ACS Basic Edition also supports a range of switching solutions, popular LCR meters and component-test fixtures.

Combining ACS Basic Edition’s multi-test capability with Keithley Series 3700 or Model 707A switching mainframes allows many tests to be performed on a more complex component such as a resistor network, op-amp or other higher pin-count devices.

Some components require DC I/V testing and capacitance or C-V measurements.

ACS Basic Edition combines DC I/V tests with LCR measurements using multi-test and switching.

Initial ACS systems are found in package level and wafer level device characterisation test applications, including parametric die-sort, wafer level reliability, parametric characterisation and component tests.

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