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The Model 3732 Quad 4×28 ultra-high density reed relay matrix card is for automated switch and measure applications requiring multiple instrument connections and high-crosspoint density and speed.

The card, which offers 448 single-pole matrix crosspoints, is ideal for use in a range of high pin-count research and development and production-test applications, such as low-level contact resistance testing of high-speed memory-interface boards or next-generation IC sockets.

Matrix switching configurations offer system designers wide testing flexibility by allowing them to connect multiple inputs to multiple outputs.

Matrices are particularly useful for applications in which the system must make connections between several instruments and a multi-pin device.

The Model 3732 has four banks of high-speed reed relays; each bank has four rows and 28 columns (4 x 28), providing a total of 448 single-pole crosspoints.

These relays can be configured in a number of different ways, enabling the matrix size to be easily adapted to existing or future applications.

For example, bank-configuration relays included on the card allow the automatic configuration of the matrix banks as a single 4 x 112 matrix or as two isolated 4 x 56 matrices, with no need for external wiring.

The card also has analogue backplane relays that allow the automatic expansion of columns across cards, up to a maximum of four rows by 672 columns in a single mainframe using six Model 3732 matrix cards.

The Model 3732 also supports two-pole switching by automatically pairing relays to create either a dual 4 x 28 or a single 4 x 56 configuration.

The card uses dry reed relays that offer both low-contact potential and low-current offset to minimise the switching errors that often accompany this relay technology.

Additionally, these relays will switch up to 200V at carry currents up to 1.2A, specifications not available in other high-density, card-based matrix solutions.

The fast-switching, long-life reed relays have a switching speed of 0.6 milliseconds and are rated for more than 109 no-load operations, both necessary specifications for switching systems used in automated-testing applications.

The Model 3732 uses two 78-pin male D-sub connectors for signal and configuration connections.

Accessories available include matching D-sub cables and screw terminal blocks.

Three- and five-year extended warranties are also available.

The Model 3732 is the latest addition to the Series 3700 system switch/multimeter and plug-in card range.

These combination instruments offer users the accuracy and flexibility of instrument-grade switching integrated with low-noise, high-performance multimeter measurements.

With up to 7-1/2-digit resolution, these one-box solutions are well-suited to a range of research and product-development applications.

Series 3700 instruments include a variety of capabilities optimised for multi-channel testing, including multiple remote interfaces (LXI Class B, GPIB and USB) and a wide assortment of cards.

For Ethernet users, an embedded graphing toolkit provided through the instrument’s onboard web page allows for easy point-and-click system configuration, test sequencing and data analysis.

Keithley’s embedded Test Script Processor (TSP) technology offers excellent system automation, throughput and flexibility by bringing PC-like functionality into the instrument.

TSP-Link, a high-speed communication bus that simplifies expanding systems to keep pace with changing test demands, also provides for seamless integration with Series 2600A System Sourcemeter instruments, for adding high-speed I-V source and measurement capabilities.

The Model 3732 Quad 4×28 ultra-high density reed relay matrix card will be available two to four weeks after receipt of order.

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