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Kemppi (UK) has launched Supersnake GT02S: an ultra-long 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m air- and water-cooled welding system for distance wire feeding and restricted-access MIG/MAG welding.

Supersnake enables difficult-access wire feeding in a variety of applications, including ship and offshore fabrication yards, chemical process and boiler manufacturing, car and vehicle manufacturing and general-purpose fabrication.

It connects with standard Euro MIG welding guns, including the company’s Weldsnake range, increasing gun reach by up to 30m from the wire feed cabinet.

Supersnake also provides a deck-based or boom delivery wire feed system, feeding a range of filler wires including ferrous, stainless and aluminium wires.

Incorporating Kemppi’s GT Wiredrive mechanism, Supersnake is described as a tough wire drive system that combines with the company’s patented DL-Teflon liner technology, which reduces friction loss and the force required to push filler wire through the feed length.

The cable set is encased and protected throughout its length by a high-visibility, bright-orange composite material for workplace safety and durability.

Its flexibility and length facilitate access to tight work spaces, eliminating the need to transport heavy wire feed units and cable sets to the fabrication.

The longest and heaviest 25m water-cooled version weighs 37kg and all versions can be connected to Kemppi’s Fastmig Synergic and Pulse 350/450 welding equipment, when connected through the company’s MXF wire feed unit and sub-feeder sync kit.

Once connected, it allows the welding operative to access small and restricted areas, climb and move around fabrications, carry out welding and reduce operator fatigue.

Supersnake features also include a slim bumper profile body, a meter display and welding parameter adjustments at the operator end, while Kemppi’s Brights light-emitting-diode (LED) lighting illuminates the wire feed mechanism in the body, ensuring that the welding operative can read and adjust settings, even in dark workplaces.

The water-cooled versions can be used 25m above the height of the cooling unit on the power source.

When it is not being used, ‘drain-back’ water is prevented, enabling the torch to remain ‘wet’ and primed for the next welding task.

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