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MIG, MMA and TIG welding equipment supplied by Kemppi is helping Doosan Babcock, a provider of services and technologies for power utilities, to keep repair rates below two per cent.

Welding plays a major role in Doosan Babcock’s manufacturing facilities in Renfrew, Scotland, its Welding Skill Centre in Tipton, West Midlands, and on power stations and construction sites around the country that the company services.

Doosan Babcock has its own electrode manufacturing facilities in Renfrew, specialising in power generation industry applications.

The company uses a number of processes in its welding operations, including TIG, MMA and flux-cored and solid-wire MIG/MAG, as well as oxy-acetylene for brazing applications.

Submerged arc welding is also used at the Renfrew site.

Since 1996, Kemppi has supplied Doosan Babcock with more than 1,000 power sources, 350 MIG welding wire-feed units, 20 Synergic MIG welding systems and 650 TIG HF units, including Pro pulsed MIG and Protig 410 power sources with wire-feed units.

In 1996, Doosan Babcock went through an evaluation process to standardise equipment and, following a review of manufacturers, appointed Kemppi as a preferred supplier.

Kemppi was chosen because of the need to source reliable and portable equipment that could produce quality welds, even in hostile environments.

It also made economic and commercial sense for welders to use the same equipment when training at the Welding Skill Centre, at manufacturing facilities and on site.

Kemppi provided full training to Doosan Babcock’s electrical technicians in order to maintain and service the equipment and systems and regularly advised on new developments and servicing procedures.

The company also provided multi-process power source platforms that are able to deliver MMA, to scratch-start TIG, to power a TIG HF unit for slope in/out and to power a wire-feed unit for MIG or FCAW.

Martyn Fletcher, chief welding engineer at Doosan Babcock, said: ‘Kemppi’s equipment has helped to keep repair rates at Doosan Babcock consistently below two per cent – much lower than the UK average of approximately five per cent.

‘We train and test roughly 800 welders a year on Babcock welding consumables and Kemppi welding equipment, meaning that the quality of welding is consistently high, right from the Welding Skill Centre through to all site operations,’ he added.

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