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Kepware Technologies has introduced version 5.1 of its Kepserverex OPC server solution for automation.

Eighteen other drivers have also been enhanced.

New features include: an OPC alarm and event server, delivering event log data today and setting the stage for full alarm and event data in the coming months; new drivers for automation direct – Productivity 3000 Protocol and Mettler Toledo; continuous output protocol, and the custom interface driver solution, which enables developers to leverage Kepserverex and Kepserver OEM branded versions; and client connectivity, (essentially leveraging Kepserver as an OPC server and native interface toolkit, without needing to learn the intricacies of OPC servers, native interfaces or custom toolkits).

In addition to these new features, this release delivers enhancements to: GE Ethernet Global Data, GE SRTP, GE SNP, GE SNPX, GE Focas 1, Mitsubishi Ethernet, Modbus ASCII, Modbus Ethernet, Modbus Plus, Modbus RTU, Modbus RTU Unsolicited, Siemens S7 MPI, Siemens S5 (3964R Protocol), Simatic 505 Ethernet, Simatic 505 Serial, Industrial SNMP, Triconex Ethernet, User Configurable (UCON), and Yokogawa DX Ethernet.

John Weber, president of Software Toolbox, said: ‘Software Toolbox is an early CID adopter.

‘We will be working with systems integrators and OEMs to support Kepware’s CID interface.

‘Developers will benefit greatly from Kepware’s proven OPC interfaces and relationships with automation vendors.

‘The CID interface makes the integration of existing driver code and specialised applications with automation client products possible like never before, through the use of very simple interfaces to Kepware’s already proven technology.’ Alex Bates, chief technology officer of Mtelligence, said: ‘Mtelligence is an early adopter of Kepware’s CID solution.

‘Leveraging Kepware’s CID enables Mtelligence to expose its condition-based monitoring engine as an OPC server.

‘Providing an OPC server enables third-party applications such as HMI and Scada to visualise Mtelligence data.’ Scott Burns, chief technology officer of Seqent, said: ‘Seqent is an early adopter of Kepware’s CID technology.

‘For years Seqent has struggled with building OPC server interfaces for a number of hardware product lines.

‘With Kepware’s new CID interface, the complexity of OPC server implementation is reduced to a simple memory structure for data exchange.

‘Utilising this advanced technology the implementation effort to provide an OPC DA interface for a hardware component has dropped to a few weeks.’

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