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Guyson International manufactures a range of standard-size configurations of Kerry KST submersible box-type transducers.

These products deliver the processing power of ultrasonic cleaning to existing industrial cleaning or degreasing tanks.

They can also be incorporated into new cleaning lines on an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) basis.

Typical usage for these block-type ultrasonic transducers would involve retrofitting to existing cleaning tanks, offering a lower-cost alternative when compared with a new cleaning system.

Such tanks are often used in pre-treatment cleaning operations for processes such as anodising and plating, where the power of ultrasonics can speed up degreasing and improve subsequent rinsing processes by breaking the bonds of particulates from the component surfaces.

The piezoelectric transducers that deliver the ultrasonics are bonded to the inside surface of the hermetically sealed 316L stainless-steel submersible waterproof box.

This allows considerable flexibility when positioning the KST transducer box, which can be located at the bottom of the tank, bulkhead mounted on the side walls or hung over the lip of the tank (rack mounted), depending on the application and process requirements.

When the transducer block is located on the bottom of the tank, a ‘swan neck’ fixture can be used to connect the block to the generator.

This fixture has the benefit of allowing a low water-level sensor to be fitted as a collar around the vertical pipe, preventing the sonics from being active if the water level goes down or the tank is empty, thus preventing potential burnout problems.

Bulkhead or rack-mounted immersible-box transducers may also deliver more consistent cleaning power when used during heavy cleaning, where high volumes of dirt and soils removed during the cleaning process could deposit on the bottom of the tank and, in turn, could negate much of the power of traditional base-bonded transducers.

All Kerry KST ultrasonic transducers have a radiating surface (that is the surface onto which the transducers are bonded and which faces out into the tank), which is ‘Triple Hard Chrome’ plated to provide durability and wear resistance to cavitation erosion.

Due to pin-hole erosion, submersibles without this quality of finish are prone to failure after prolonged use.

Power for the ultrasonic transducers is provided by the Guysonic Generator with Primewave Controller.

The new powerful Guysonic Generator can deliver up to 1000W (1kW) of power per channel, up to 2kW per chassis.

Eight chassis units can be connected together to deliver up to a maximum of 16kW.

For larger ultrasonic tank systems, this equates to fewer generators being required, helping to make real savings.

The new generator delivers a robust cavitation even with cooler tanks and non-degassed solutions.

The Primewave Controller provides eight user-adjustable programs for complete control of power, sweep, secondary modulation for more robust cavitation and also a choice of two frequencies, typically 36/66kHz but available up to 200kHz.

Remote-start options and various generator diagnostic signals are also available.

The generator is best positioned well away from the work area, to eliminate any potential for liquid splashing on the electrics or for moisture contamination from the cleaning process.

If a damp hostile working environment is envisaged, such as cleaning in large tanks with hot caustic solutions, Guyson offers an IP-rated sealed operating console with external plastic sealed buttons for the Primewave generator to be mounted in.

In standard configuration, the Guyson KST ultrasonic-box transducers are available in nine, 12, 16, 18 and 24 block arrays, spread across twelve standard 316L stainless-steel box permutations.

Sizes range from the smallest at 265mm2 to longer than a metre; all are 100mm high.

Guyson can also provide quotes for custom sizes to match specific requirements for existing tanks that may be suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

Guyson offers a free component-trial service with no obligation to buy.

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