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Electrone Europe has introduced the Electrone Call-Centre 150 keyboard, which features 150 pre-programmable keys to improve the productivity of call-centre operators.

The keyboard has a USB hub and can include a built-in LCD display.

Electrone and its partners configure the keyboards for specific software applications.

The programmable key tops can be colour coded and customised to enable users to enter data quickly and efficiently.

This reduces repetitive key and/or mouse actions, making it ideal for call-centre operations that involve multiple routine-entry functions.

The Electrone Call-Centre 150 keyboard features user-friendly graphical user-interface (GUI) software, which permits intuitive selection of keys for programming.

Once set, programs are saved, downloaded and stored in the keyboard, eliminating the need for special drivers.

In addition, the keys are arranged in logical groups of panels, making applications simple to target.

The keyboard features a logical spread of panels and standard USB connectivity.

This keyboard accelerates the automation of any user application requiring standard forms or a related database.


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