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Having searched for new optical sorter technology to improve its product quality and food safety, a food processor selected Key Technology’s high-volume Manta sorter and lower-volume Optyx sorter.

Both sorters feature cameras and lasers to maximise the detection and removal of foreign material and product defects from the production line.

The multinational food processor also purchased a subscription to Key’s Proliance Online Training programme, as a way to effectively train its plant personnel on the maintenance and operation of Key’s equipment.

These online training programmes for Manta and Optyx were a key influence in the processor’s decision to purchase Key’s equipment over sorters from other suppliers.

Key’s Online Training programme offers a flexible, web-based interactive curriculum designed for operators, maintenance personnel, sanitation crews, supervisors and others working with Key equipment.

More than 60 self-paced training modules, each designed to take less than 20 minutes to complete, cover the hardware, software and G6 user interface of Manta, Optyx, Tegra and ADR Automatic Defect Removal System as well as Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors.

According to the food processor, the training programme has very clear photos and diagrams and the text is easy to read, so people from all levels of education are able to understand the material.

To date, the company has trained about 30 people using the programme.

From the 28 training modules that cover this food processor’s Manta, Optyx and G6 user interface, it customises the programme for each position since a supervisor may not need exactly the same training as an operator.

This ability to pick and choose the most appropriate modules helps maximise retention and reduce the training time.

The cost of Key’s online training is less than in-person training and allows the company to train employees consistently and continuously, helping it sustain the highest levels of performance.

Unlike in-person training, which is typically done over a one- or two-day period, the food processor limits online training to an hour a day, right before the shift starts.

The company claims this helps employees retain the information and prevents a whole production day being lost at once.

Key’s Online Training programme is a part of its Proliance suite of services, support, upgrades, parts and training solutions that help processors maximise equipment performance, increase uptime, enhance maintenance efficiency and extend equipment life.

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