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Kimberly-Clark Professional has reduced its impact on the environment thanks to a range of measures targeting energy and water consumption.

Such advances have been possible thanks to the company’s investment in technology and process improvements designed to reduce the use of natural resources.

At Delyn Mill in the UK for example, the company has invested in additional water cleaning equipment to improve reliability and effluent water quality.

This has also enabled the mill to recycle more water and reduce the amount of fresh water consumed.

In addition, Kimberly-Clark has implemented an Environment Management System (EMS), which has been third-party accredited to the ISO 140001 standard, in each of its European manufacturing sites.

The EMS helps to ensure that each site’s most significant environmental aspects, including water and energy, are identified and managed to reduce impact on the environment.

Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow is the Kimberly-Clark approach to sustainability.

‘This approach has led us to focus on reducing consumption at every stage of the product life cycle – from design and manufacture to distribution and disposal,’ said Lisa Morden, global sustainability manager.

‘Reduction is the key to lowering the environmental impact of our activities as well as those of our customers,’ she added.

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