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Kineo CAM has announced the release of its KCD 2.04.6 collision detector software library.

It comes as a software library, which allows an easy integration through its C++ programming API.

Using 3D geometrical data, KCD compares two lists of geometrical objects and returns a series of results such as interferences and distances.

In digital 3D mock-up, KCD performs static or dynamic clash analysis.

For robotic monitoring, KCD provides continuous collision avoidance.

In May 2004 Kineo CAM announced version 1.5 with a 50 per cent improvement of performance in response time.

Consecutively several software editors like Tecnomatix and UGS PLM (both now part of Siemens PLM), Seemage (now part of the brand 3DVia from Dassault Systemes), Delmia (another brand of Dassault Systemes) adopted KCD in CAD/CAM software products for automatic path planning.

Earlier this year, Cybernetix integrated KCD into Cyxpro v2.0, its software platform for graphical monitoring of remotely-operated systems.

With KCD v2.04.6 Kineo CAM announces a mean improvement of 22 per cent in response time or a memory consumption decrease of up to 90 per cent.

Tests show that KCD V2.04.6 can perform dynamic collision detections as fast as 0.8 milliseconds on large 3D models of more than three million polygons.

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