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Kineo CAM has introduced a software library for software editors who need to add value to their 3D software applications.

The software library, called KWS-UAF, has been created to develop efficient interactive features for the assembly/mounting and servicing/dismounting of complex systems.

According to the company, any commercial software focusing on the review and analysis of digital mock-ups has or should have features that support the dynamic simulation of collision-free motions.

KWS-UAF is positioned between low-end manual approaches and high-end automatic features; the user builds motion interactively but the collisions created during the motion are automatically removed by the software library.

For this reason, KWS-UAF can also complement haptic-based systems for finding collision-free paths as a lighter solution; a 6D mouse can do the job.

Another domain in which KWS-UAF operates is virtual reality; equipped with a tracking device, the user is immersed to manipulate the part to assemble or to disassemble and the software library manages the collision avoidance.

The user drags the part and KWS-UAF keeps it clear of collisions with obstacles.

This software technology is said to take the best from both algorithmic power and the user’s know-how to find a collision-free track within a 3D environment.

With this new technique, the user manipulates the moving object.

While the user moves it, a collision avoidance engine runs underneath and builds the collision-free path.

At any time, the closest collision-free position and the current user position are linked by a virtual elastic band; force feedback gives the user the feeling of simply pulling Ariadne’s thread without considering collision avoidance, according to the company.

KWS-UAF is a commercial C++ library subject to licensing and sub-licensing for commercial integration.

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