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The RTU5010 is a GSM remote control and alarm unit that allows the user to monitor and control an alarm, remote stations or equipment, or machines by SMS.

The unit (12V powered) is permanently connected to a mobile telephone of GSM type.

It does not require any telephone line or electrical mains supply and can be placed anywhere The remote function can be used to remote control any equipment connected to the unit and the SMS alarm function can inform the user of the status of the inputs, such as which input was triggered and so on.

The remote control function of the unit is useful for the remote monitoring of installations or machines being placed at isolated places, such as pomp heaters or generators, for example.

The alarm function can be used for fixed/mobile workshops, building sites, garages, machines, car/truck boats, second homes, and so on.

A very sensitive microphone is used to hear what happens around the unit.

This function is useful to check if a control command sent to the unit is really carried out.

For example, after having started a machine remotely, the user will be able to hear it functioning.

The four output relays behave like simple two-pole (wire) switches; they can allow the current to get through one pole to the other.

The two outputs of AC current also behave like simple switches, the user can remotely switch it on or off by SMS commands.

The unit can be linked to any input, when the input is activated, the output relay can be switched on or off.

The RTU5010 has four logic inputs and an audio input.

If any logic input changes, the unit will send an SMS to a preset GSM mobile phone indicating which one of the logic inputs has been triggered.

The unit is able to inform by SMS of the input states.

Link action is provided for automatic control; the unit can be programmed so that one relay is automatically activated from a logic input.

Various wired sensors can be connected to the four inputs, such as temperature detectors, water leak detectors, thermostats and movement detectors.

An arm or disarm button can be provided if required.

The optional backup battery is automatically charged, it can last six hours if there is an external power failure.

In the event of an external power failure, the unit can send an SMS to inform the user immediately.

Various options can be programmed to the unit from any telephone or PC programming tool.

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