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First Trace has released Kinnosa 4.1 for engineering document management of complex CAD files and design processes.

Enhancements have been made to Kinnosa’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) to improve engineering enterprises’ visibility of critical data, improve collaboration among distributed teams, and automate business processes.

Kinnosa’s SOA and open data repository make it an adaptable software solution for managing engineering files produced by CAD tools from Autodesk, SolidWorks and Bentley Systems.

Application add-ins place Kinnosa functionality directly into the menu bar of CAD tools and Microsoft Office programs so engineering and office users can manage files from within the programs they use daily.

Kinnosa’s integration with Windows Explorer makes searching, viewing and collaborating on documents across a distributed enterprise efficient.

Kinnosa’s content searching capabilities have been improved with this release, providing simplified visibility of crucial information.

Users have more choices and flexibility in how they want to search, organise and use their data.

The addition of search folders and saved searches means users can create and reuse custom searches based on document types, properties and other criteria.

Kinnosa 4.1 includes additional workflow services to manage and automate real-world business processes, such as design, collaboration, review, release and publishing activities.

Kinnosa users that design using SolidWorks can generate a PDF Rendition from a CAD file for quick review, document publishing and many other uses.

ERP systems, purchasing departments, and other corporate groups often need specific information from CAD files to drive production.

Kinnosa’s bill-of-materials (BOM) service allows SolidWorks users to extract BOM information from a drawing into an Excel file, where it can be delivered to other systems and departments.

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