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Brochure: maXYmos BL; maXYmos TL and maXYmos NC - .PDF file.

At the Assembly Show 2014, Kistler will showcase its extended maXYmos product range, presenting the maXYmos NC for electromechanical joining modules. Visitors will also experience precise joining and testing demonstrations with the maXYmos BL, which is specifically designed for hand presses.

The XY monitors from Kistler’s maXYmos series enable customers to evaluate production processes, allowing them to operate with process integration while enhancing consistency and maximising quality assurance.

Faulty parts are detected and removed early in the production process, thereby increasing product efficiency and avoiding unwanted downtime.

The maXYmos NC (numeric control) enables manufacturers to monitor and control joining processes through system integration. The maXYmos NC evaluates and documents the XY curve progressions of joining and press-fitting processes in connection with the NC joining modules and the associated servo amplifier IndraDrive.

Due to the shape of the measurement curves, each stage of the production and assembly line — and even the entire product — can be monitored and controlled via SERCOS III in real-time. As a result, optimum cycle times can be achieved with the highest degree of repeat accuracy, thereby reducing downtimes and allowing for increased machine availability in order to optimise the overall production process.

For actuation of NC joining modules, Kistler has also developed an integrated and user-friendly sequence control system for the maXYmos NC. Programs for press-fitting parts can be created via the intuitive user interface of the colour touchscreen, which is connected to the control system.

The integrated sequence control, or ‘Sequencer Mode’, enables versatile mapping of even the most complex processes easily and effectively.

Visitors at Assembly Show 2014 have the opportunity to witness the intuitive operability and luminous display of the maXYmos systems. The uniform, operational interface in XY monitoring enables rapid integration into existing or newly planned systems. External measurement points — such as piezoelectric sensors for calibration or reference measurement — can also be connected at a later time thanks to the diversity of the interface. This ensures maximum flexibility, both during the installation process and for ongoing data analysis.

Kistler will also present the maXYmos BL for hand presses. In non-automated operations, the maXYmos BL ensures that the processes are performed with reproducible quality using a sequence pre-programmed in the device — regardless of who is operating the system. Visitors at the Assembly Show will learn how the highly developed piezoelectric sensor and the intuitive monitoring enable rapid good/bad feedback and immediate correction or removal of faulty parts. With integrated or upgraded process control, zero-defect production of end-products is possible for each individual manufacturer, regardless of operating personnel.

Kistler’s NC joining systems support the automotive and automotive supplier industries by reducing power consumption within series production. This is achieved thanks to their higher level of efficiency when compared with pneumatic or hydraulic processes. The savings potential of the electrical process is up to 77 per cent when compared with hydraulic systems, and up to 90 per cent when compared with pneumatic process. Production costs decrease due to the low cost of system maintenance, which is less than an hour per system annually. The processes implemented with the NC joining systems in assembly and product inspection can be precisely controlled due to the integrated servo amplifier.

Additionally, due to the dual measuring range of select NC joining systems and the simple program switchover, different components can be produced on the same machine. The NC joining systems can be installed quickly, are pre-tested by Kistler prior to installation, thereby enabling maximum in-process quality assurance while guaranteeing reliable results.

Kistler will be found on stand 1013 at the Assembly Show 2014, which will be held in Rosemont, Illinois, US, from 28–30 October.

Click on the link above to download the brochure for the maXYmos BL, maXYmos TL and maXYmos NC.

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