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Perpetuum has developed the wSNAK wireless sensor-node assessment kit, which demonstrates the advantages and simplicity of condition-monitoring systems powered by vibration-energy harvesting.

The wireless sensor-nodes are available separately for integration into OEM systems and can be adapted for other measurements such as pressure, temperature and flow.

wSNAK gives OEMs the opportunity to evaluate the concept quickly and to provide valuable feedback for the final design.

The short assessment process allows OEMs to bring their product to market, typically saving 12 months of development time and thousands in prototype costs.

In the absence of any practical alternative, batteries have previously been used to power wireless sensor nodes despite end-user objections.

Vibration-energy harvesting has become the preferred option as there are none of the reliability, cost of replacement, transportation, safety and disposal issues associated with batteries.

End users will see the benefits of installing wireless condition monitoring cheaply and without the increased maintenance burden of changing batteries.

The kit consists of four energy-harvester powered wireless sensor-nodes, which send vibration and temperature data to a laptop-based receiver.

Each sensor node runs an industry-standard IEPE accelerometer with integrated temperature sensor on a flying lead.

Data is transmitted from each node via the IEEE 802.15.4 transmitter to a receiver situated up to 100m away.

Vibration spectra and temperature trends can be displayed on a laptop and basic level alarms can be set similar to the ISO10816-3 standard.

The wSNAK can be installed in just a few minutes.

It features an LCD display, which allows users to observe the power being generated and select an optimum location for the node, while the accelerometer is located precisely where required on the equipment being monitored.

It is IP65-rated for protection against the ingress of dust and water, allowing OEMs to use it immediately in the field, regardless of weather conditions.


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