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Kitagawa Europe is launching three NC rotary tables, a series of chuck models and a high-capacity workholding vice at the EMO international machine tool show, to be held in Milan on 5-10 October.

High clamping torques, rigidity and fast operation are key features of Kitagawa’s GT series of heavy-duty rotary tables.

Available in three models with tables from 200 to 320mm diameter, the units incorporate a piston design that delivers component clamping torques of up to 2800Nm.

The tables’ rigid, compact design allows maximum metal-removal rates to be combined with high indexing accuracy and repeatability.

The GT series also features a rapid clamping action for reduced cycle times and maximum production throughput.

In parallel, the company’s MXM series rotary tables offer reduced clamping time and rotational speeds of up to 75rev/min, making them suitable for high-speed or mass-production machining operations.

Also on show at EMO will be Kitagawa’s DXR240 rotary table, a low-energy unit that incorporates high-efficiency, direct-drive motors to achieve increased torque at lower power consumptions.

The prototype model on display provides rotational speeds of up to 75rev/min with no backlash.

Kitagawa’s NV chuck range has been developed to meet demands for large vertical lathe power chucks.

Produced in eight models for components from 62 to 1000mm diameter, NV series units feature a protective jaw cover and scraper system that prevents the ingress of swarf or coolant into the chuck mechanism.

They have maximum speed ratings from 800 to 2900rev/min and are designed for use with standard range Kitagawa jaws and Y2035R type cylinders.

The BBT208 two-jaw chuck features a 66mm through hole and is suitable for machining irregular-shaped workpieces at up to 5000rev/min.

It is designed to be directly interchangeable with Kitagawa’s BB208 Chuck, without the need for special adaptors.

An updated version of the company’s DL200 chuck, complete with a two-stage gripping action, will also be launched at EMO.

In operation, the jaws initially clamp in a radial direction before pulling the workpiece back for seating confirmation.

The DL chuck also includes a dustproof sealed body design for low maintenance and long service life.

Kitagawa’s QJR08, QJR10 and QJR12 quick-change chucks are designed to be interchangeable with the company’s large through-hole B208/B210/B212 and BB208/BB210/BB212 models.

The units’ base jaws are quickly and easily changed using a manually operated wrench and feature metric serrations to accommodate a variety of jaw types.

The high-capacity VE125LWN is the latest addition to Kitagawa’s range of VE125 power-operated workholding vices.

Its compact, low-profile design provides three levels of clamping force and a jaw stroke of up to 405mm for maximum production versatility.

Close manufacturing tolerances ensure that individual vices in the range have a maximum height variation of 20um for consistent setups and manufacturing consistency.

Kitagawa will also be demonstrating numerous examples from its machining and workholding products ranges, including BB200 chucks, SS cylinders, DH collet chucks and the company’s MR series NC rotary tables.

Manufacturers of the world’s most popular chuck, for over half a century the Kitagawa philosophy has been: to provide the manufacturing industry with a wide range of top quality products and maintain an uncompromising commitment to customer support and satisfaction.

Kitagawa Europe offers unparalleled ranges of Chucks, NC Rotary Tables and machine vises; the IEMCA range of short, long and multi-spindle barfeeders and the Automata gantry loader; Scandmist mist and dust filtration systems; together with the ability to provide customised workholding solutions and all backed by Kitagawa’s excellent warranty and service. 

Kitagawa the complete workholding solution.

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