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Kluber Lubrication is one of the first companies in Europe to be certified according to ISO 21469:2006.

The international standard applies to lubricants intended for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

It specifies hygiene requirements for the formulation, production, use and handling of lubricants that may incidentally come into contact with products during manufacturing.

With 65 European and a further 27 internationally-recognised NSF registered food grade lubricants, Kluber Lubrication aims to meet the requirements of all food, beverage, pharmaceutical, animal feed and cosmetic producers worldwide.

In addition to lubricants, Kluber Lubrication has developed a service programme named Klass (Kluber Asset Support Service) for its customers.

The aim is to optimise lubrication management.

It provides professional solutions for producers of food and pharmaceutical products regarding hygiene requirements for storage, use and labelling according to ISO 21469.

Kluber Lubrication

Kluber Lubrication, the world market leader in speciality lubricants offers expert tribological solutions. Through our worldwide presence, we meet customers needs reliably and on time. We supply tailor-made speciality lubricants to customers from almost all branches of industry around the world; certified and passed by the likes of the NSF, DVGW, WRAS to name a few. In addition to the various external cerfication bodies, Kluber Lubrication and our range of lubricants including oils, greases, pastes, bonded coatings etc also meet the ISO standards ISO9002 and ISO21469 for lubricants in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

With over 75 years of experience, industry specific know-how, and exceptional test facilities all help to optimise our solutions. We will never attempt to be the cheapest and we will always strive to be the most cost effective.

We have… Hundreds of OEM recommendations, many user testimonials and case studies backing; Proven Sales. Improved Reliability. Improved Safety. Lubrication Reassurance.

With a portfolio of around 2,000 standard formulations and well over 1000 specials, Kluber feature in virtually all conceivable industrial applications. Products and Services consist of to name a few: Oils (Synthetic, Semi Synthetic, Mineral). Greases (Synthetic, semi Synthetic, mineral base oils / most thickener types). Pastes (assembly, anti-seize, anti fretting, electrically conductive). Food and Pharmaceutical grade (oils, greases, pastes). Bonded coatings. Waxes. Full biodegradable range. Dry Lubricants. Automatic lubricators. Corrosion protection.

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