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Witt’s KM100-2MEM+ and KEM100-3MEM+ automated gas-mixing systems allow engineers to adjust gas-mixing ratios from mobile phones.

They are suitable for engineers using technical gases on modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) lines.

The KM100+ gas mixers can be used with up to three technical gases.

They use a motorised mixing-valve to mix the gases, giving them an accurate mixing capability with adjustments in increments of 0.1 per cent.

Their operation is unaffected by pressure variations in the gas supply or line speeds or sizes of the packages.

They also feature an integrated process monitor with switching contact and interfaces for a PC or machine control.

Using Witt-developed Windows-based mobile phone software allows the required gas mixture to be set and sent wirelessly to the mixer either by mobile phone, PDA or from a laptop.

The Bluetooth standard means the terminal units: are independent of any mobile telephone network, incur no additional costs and work in areas without a mobile phone reception.

As different products require different gas mixtures, this system allows production-line engineers to accelerate and simplify product changeovers on different lines from one point.

Because there are no controls on the unit, it can be positioned to suit the line on or in the equipment.

Access can be limited by password, meaning it protects against accidental mixture-setting or other parameter changes.

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