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Airport self-service kiosk developer Phase 5 Technology has selected KMF Precision Sheet Metal as its manufacturing partner on a project involving its latest check-in desks.

Phase 5 Technology has developed software and systems that will allow travellers to check in for flights in 21 seconds, compared to the 1 minute 30 seconds that current systems take.

The company required a manufacturing partner that could produce the hardware and integrate the software and electronics to deliver a fully assembled check-in kiosk to its end customer.

‘As a software and systems developer we do not want or need to be involved in the manufacturing process,’ said Chris Hurley, chief technical officer, Phase 5 Technology.

‘In the early days of the project we spent a lot of time and money dealing with various suppliers to create the first prototype kiosks, which was frustrating and expensive.

‘We recognised that this process had to be developed and a company with more diverse manufacturing skills was required.

‘Having read about the work that KMF was doing with Coffee Nation to design, build and integrate its self-service coffee bars, we got in touch,’ he added.

One of the key elements in this partnership was the speed at which KMF reacted to design changes.

‘KMF now controls all aspects of manufacture for Phase 5 Technology, from design, through prototyping and final production,’ said Hurley.

‘With emphasis on design for manufacture to keep unit costs down, the company takes care of the sourcing of all the components and the logistics of delivering to our customers,’ he added.

The first of these self-service check-in kiosks has been installed at East Midlands Airport.

The check-in process using this new kiosk is said to be simplified for the passenger.

The system can be standardised across all carriers and airports, creating a ‘common-use approach’ and reducing costs.

KMF (Precision Sheet Metal)

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