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Knowles Acoustics has introduced the TWFK series, a small dual-balanced armature receiver with mechanical shock resistance and extreme wideband capability, designed for pro-audio, in-ear applications.

The company said the strength of balanced armature (BA) receivers is their efficiency compared with dynamic speakers.

This allows the design of in-ear monitors (IEM) with multiple drivers of different characteristics, which allow the customisation of the frequency response.

In addition, the small sound port of such receivers allows the use of filters and tubing of different dimensions.

Customised crossover circuits as well as ventilation configurations add up to a good set of tuning tools for the IEM designer, Knowles Acoustics said.

The following provides a small insight into the above tools based on the TWFK as an example.

The TWFK receiver combines a tweeter and a woofer in a single output.

Different acoustic Knowles dampers are used for attenuating high-frequency peaks.

The value, but also the position of the damper in the tube, has influence on the response shape.

As crossover, a simple capacitor is used for the TWFK that controls the transition between the elements in the frequency response.

The designer can use a different capacitor value to modify the response in an earphone.

Design support on the above aspects, as well as further information, can be accessed via Knowles Acoustics experts at Europe Info.

Knowles Acoustics

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