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Koerber Schleifring has supplied UOP with two Walter Helitronic CNC tool and cutter production grinding machines, both fully integrated with a Walter Helicheck Pro non-contact tool measuring centre.

The Walter Helitronic Vision and Power tool grinding machines are able to ensure a predictable in-cut life for each regrind, maintaining high surface finishes.

Both machines have adaptive control that prevents burning by automatically updating the rate of feed according to the stock material that has to be removed.

Both Walter tool grinders incorporate automated loading systems that have various size pallets to accommodate different tool dimensions, to effectively extend the periods of unattended running.

The Helitronic Vision has a Lift Loader with pallets able to hold 168 tools of 3mm shank and/or 60 tools of 32mm diameter.

The Helitronic Power has a Pallet Loader that can hold up to 140 tools of 4mm/90 x 20mm tools.

Both systems utilise a flexible gripper to accommodate different tool sizes.

The Vision also has a 12-position automatic wheel changer for wheels up to 200mm diameter.

Current batch sizes tend to be between five and 120 tools, but larger quantities can be accommodated due to the machines’ fully automated processing capability.

Most tools are currently between 5 and 40mm diameter, and form tools used for profile milling are up to 75mm diameter.

However, because UOP (UK) has the capacity on the Helitronic Vision to process tools 320mm diameter by 370mm long, and on the Power of 320mm diameter by 350mm long, the machines engender a flexible operational outlook.

The Helitronic Tool Studio software also includes a 3D simulation package that is able to verify and optimise the grinding process, operational sequences and appropriate paths for the grinding wheels.

The five-axis Helitronic Vision uses linear-motor technology over its axis travels of 480mm in X, 320mm in Y and 700mm in Z which enables rapid traverse rates of 50m/min that significantly reduce positioning times.

The C-axis moves through 200deg while the A-axis has 360deg rotation.

Linear and radial resolutions are 0.0001mm and 0.0001deg, respectively, to provide a high level of consistency in the grind of tools.

Heliprobe automatic positioning and measuring system is included for positioning the tool.

With 11.5kW drive, the Helitronic Power has a rapid traverse of 15m/min over the 460mm in X, 320mm in Y and 660mm in Z.

The C- and A-axes are the same as the Vision.

The machine also incorporates Walter’s Smart Probe measuring and positioning system.

The four-axis Helicheck Pro non-contact, optical-based CNC tool measuring centre is integrated with both Helitronic grinders and uses three CCD cameras and segmented LED illumination.

The transmitted light camera will deliver up to 50x magnification and both the reflected light and forehead cameras have up to 200x magnification.

Machine axis travels are 260mm in X, 330mm in Y and 250mm in Z with a 360deg A-axis.

The maximum tool size it can accommodate is 200mm diameter by 300mm long.

UOP uses the Helicheck Pro to check the first tool from a batch and automatically update offsets on the Helitronic grinders, ready for production.

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