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Komax Systems has introduced a modular automatic assembly system that can be used initially for low-volume pre-production runs and that can later be expanded into high-volume systems.

The company, which is located in Switzerland, initially developed its KSPilot to answer a problem for medical-device manufacturers.

In the KSPilot system, a chassis uses a free work pallet loop to give a three-second cycling rate.

Assembly tooling can be cam driven, pneumatically operated or operated under numerical control (NC).

Tooling/assembly operations can be under one second.

All tooling has common mechanical, electrical and software interfaces with Komax Systems’s high-speed, cam-driven, inline and rotary tooling platforms.

The platforms are portable and, once proven out on the KSPilot line, can be removed and inserted into a high-volume production line.

According to the company, the system allows automatic assemblies to be tried, proven out and prepared for use in a high-speed assembly line during the early stages of a product assembly’s development.

In overall concept, the KSPilot either allows low-volume pre-production or ‘pilot’ production runs for assembly processes, which can be later added to an existing high-volume production assembly line.

Alternatively, a developed cell can be readily expanded into a medium- or high-production system based on semi-automatic/manual or completely automatic production.

Work pallet transport in the systems uses a plastics chain that can be readily shortened or extended.

All devices and work-holding and transfer systems, including robotic systems, can be readily reconfigured as work requirements change.

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