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The Konica Minolta CM-5 has top-port alignment for measurement of powders, granules and paste materials in reflection; and transparent or semi-transparent liquids and solids in transmission.

The CM-5 bench-top spectrophotometer can be used in standalone mode due to the multi-language firmware, large colour screen and control key panel; or connected to the optional PC software, Spectramagic.

The range of applications covered by the CM-5 includes industry-specific indices such as Gardner, Iodine, Hazen (APHA), European Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopeia, alongside all classic colorimetric evaluation systems.

The functional design and flow of operations suits all requirements for easy, flexible and fast routine measurements in a laboratory environment or for production control, with a minimum time required for sample preparation and instrument settings.

This is further enhanced by functions such as automatic calibration, individual user setting storage on USB stick, as well as a Operation Wizard with illustrated step-by-step operation guide on the large LCD colour screen, available in seven languages.

The CM-5 offers flexibility in terms of measurement method, with minimum sample preparation time to allow fast, routine measurements in the laboratory or in production control.

The top-port concept allows easy sample positioning and measurement of solid samples, as well as samples in paste, granule or powder form in a glass cell.

Sliding the top cover opens the large transmission chamber to measure transparent solids, such as foils or glass plates, or all kind of liquids in transmission mode.

Full standalone functionality is assured by an extensive firmware in seven languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese) and a large, full-colour LCD screen able to present measurement data numerically, graphically or in Pass/Fail judgment.

The CM-5 uses a large sphere with a gloss trap to measure sample with or without specular components of the surface and a monochromator with 10nm interval from 360-740nm.

The pulsed xenon flash illumination system assures long life as well as high accuracy on dark samples.

For measurements of samples in Reflection, aperture masks of 30, 8 and 3mm are available.

For measurement of viscous and opaque liquids, glass cells or petri-dishes are put on the top port.

The large transmittance chamber allows measurements in transmission mode of solid material, such as films or glass plates up to 60mm thickness and in large size.

Liquids can be measured with glass or plastic cells of an optical path up to 60mm, depending on their transparency level.

An optional adapter allows the use of standard cells with 12.5mm width.

To allow several people to use the instrument in parallel and with different instrument settings, the measurement data and the instrument settings can be easily stored on a USB stick.

If required, the CM-5 can be connected to the optional PC QC software, Spectramagic NX, via USB; or an external printer via RS-232C interface.

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