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Kontron has showcased its AdvancedMC packet processor IO modules – the AM42xx Intelligent IO series – at Mobile World Congress, which took place on 16-19 February in Barcelona.

Kontron offers two AM42xx models: the Kontron AM4220 with 2x 10GbE to the front and PCIe to the fabric side; and the Kontron AM4204 with 4x 1GbE ports to the front and software configurable interfaces to the fabric side (PCIe, 4x 1GbE or XAUI).

The Kontron AM42xx AdvancedMC modules are based on the Octeon Plus CN5650 packet processors with 12-bit x 64-bit MIPS cores and provide up to 14.4 billion MIPS64 instructions per second (14.4 GOPS).

They are optimised for layer-four to layer-seven data and security processing.

Each Octeon Plus processor has integrated PCIe and XAUI bridges, thus saving the cost of two external bridge chips on the AdvancedMC module.

Additionally, each processor enables 10GbE direct to the processor.

Besides the fact that the Cavium-based multi-core architecture is suitable for packet processing applications, the Kontron AM42xx AdvancedMC modules can be used for Carrier Grade Linux distributions with built-in ‘control’ plane functions on one of the 12 cores, with data plane functions handled by the remaining cores.

As the Kontron AM42xx modules gain more traction and demand with AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platform designs, more developers are recognising the use and reuse of this AdvancedMC with its versatile I/O capability and support for Linux with dual 10GbE support.

Marc Leclaire, Kontron AdvancedTCA/AdvancedMC product manager, said: ‘After only six months on the market, the Kontron AM42xx modules have attracted higher-than-expected attention among equipment vendors looking for next-generation multi-core packet processing at competitive price points on a COTS [commercial off-the-shelf] platform.

‘These highly versatile modules are ideal for a wide range of applications, from IMS media gateways to IP monitoring services,’ he added.

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