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Kontron has introduced the Kontron AM4020, a single-width AdvancedMC processor module designed with the Intel Mobile Core i7 processor.

With up to 2 x 2.53GHz, the Kontron AMC module offers high performance computing power and integrated graphics when utilised in MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA integrated platforms.

The single-width Kontron AM4020 AdvancedMC processor board integrates the memory controller, PCI Express and graphics processor within the multi-core processor.

Equipped with the highly-integrated Intel QM 57 Platform Controller Hub, Kontron said the module offers high power density and performance in a compact footprint.

It is said to be ideal for MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA telecommunications applications such as IPTV, media servers and media gateways, conference systems, and in test systems for wireline networks.

The Kontron AM4020 is also suitable for the medical, automation, aerospace, military and security markets, which require fast data processing.

With MicroTCA.1 support for a robust system design and an optional temperature range of -40C to +70C, it withstands tough mechanical and thermal environmental conditions.

Kontron’s latest AdvancedMC CPU board features the Intel i7 processors with 2.0GHz (Core i7-320LE – 25W TDP) or 2.53GHz (Core i7-610E – 35W TDP) and 4MB L3 cache.

The integrated memory controller enables direct access to up to 8GB of dual-channel DDR ECC RAM at 1,066MHz.

Compared to the previously available AdvancedMC CPU boards with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, Kontron said customers will experience up to 100 per cent higher overall performance.

Moreover, the AMC.1/.2/.3-compliant Kontron AM4020 CPU board offers eight PCI Express lanes to the backplane, configurable as two PCIe x4 or eight PCIe x1.

There are also four GbE ports; two on the front and two on the backplane (AMC.2) as well as four Sata.

For systems without separate hard drives, up to 32GB of flash memory can be implemented via a Sata Flash module, which is securely screwed to the PCB.

The Kontron AM4020 features a Displayport output on the front panel making additional graphics modules unnecessary – alternatively, a COM port for external management access is available.

A USB 2.0 port with mini USB jack on the front panel rounds out the feature set.

The Kontron AM4020 has full hot-swap capabilities for monitoring, controlling and replacing the module.

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface enhances the board’s availability while reducing the overall operating costs and mean-time-to-repair.

For board management and basic IPMI commands, it features a dedicated Module Management Controller.

The highly-integrated Kontron AM4020 AdvancedMC processor board is available in both mid- and full-size formats.

It supports Windows XP, Windows 7, as well as VxWorks 6.8.and various Linux distributions such as Redhat 5.3, Suse 11.2, and Wind River Linux PNE 3.X.

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