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Kontron has introduced a computer-on-module system in the space-saving Com Express form factor for applications such as gaming, kiosks, display panels, AV equipment and mobile devices.

The Kontron MicroETXexpress-OH is based on the energy-efficient, highly integrated AMD Embedded G-Series of accelerated processing units (APUs).

The small computer on module integrates a parallel processing and graphics unit, in addition to the processor.

With DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.2 support, integrated Unified Video Decoder (UVD 3.0) and long-term availability, the Kontron MicroETXexpress-OH is suitable for SFF applications that require high-performance, high-speed graphics to produce fluid, high-resolution image and video displays.

In addition to gaming and kiosk point-of-sale/point-of-interest (POS/POI) systems, these applications include large display panels, multimedia walls, professional AV equipment and small-sized mobile devices such as test and measurement systems or mobile 3D ultrasound scanners and imaging systems used in medical or automation tasks.

Supporting OpenCL and Microsoft Directcompute, the graphics unit of Kontron’s MicroETXexpress-OH also accelerates parallel processing tasks for solutions that are designed to process parallel vector algorithms.

Sample applications include mobile ultrasound devices, video surveillance with pattern recognition, laser detection systems, tracking systems, encryption and decryption systems in data communication and signal processing in software-defined wireless equipment.

Enhanced by the Type 6 Com Express pin-out, the Kontron MicroETXexpress-OH features a variety of graphics interfaces, making it suitable for applications running multiple screens simultaneously.

In addition to LVDS and VGA, the module has three digital display interfaces (DDIs) through which developers can implement Displayport, HDMI and DVI.

As the Kontron MicroETXexpress-OH natively supports of all the video interfaces in current use, developers also benefit from simplified application design, cutting both the time to market and the total cost of ownership.

An additional benefit of the Kontron MicroETXexpress-OH is super-speed USB 3.0 support over the Type 6 pin-out.

Two USB 3.0 ports enable the connection of most modern peripheral components, such as full HD video cameras or fast external storage media, facilitating the building of small machine vision systems with commercially available standard components, for instance.

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