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Kontron has presented the hardware platform for the Central Station 60213 model railway from Marklin Digital, at SPS/IPC/Drives.

It communicates via Marklin’s own interfaces, as well as numerous standard interfaces such as USB and Ethernet.

Enthusiasts with smaller setups will also benefit from this control platform.

The Marklin Central Station 60213 is operated via a touch screen and keys, and is based on processor technology that is used in other devices such as PDAs, and integrated with Computer-on-Modules offered by Kontron.

The system supports Marklin’s own buses, S88 and 6017, and has four interfaces for Marklin’s own CAN-based bus as well as USB and Ethernet interfaces.

The 4c graphic interface ensures easy and intuitive operation, and the Central Station 60213 offers a wide range of control options.

The familiar look and feel of the Central Station 60213 emulates the standard configuration of all elements found on Marklin’s well-known control units.

16 points are represented on the 4c monitor in a way that users will immediately recognise, with red and green buttons.

The USB and Ethernet interfaces allow easy and fast data transfer to storage media and PCs, at a transfer rate of 10Mbits/s.

The Ethernet port also enables users to download software updates directly and securely via Internet from Marklin’s servers.

The Marklin Central Station 60213 hardware platform is based on the energy-saving and thermally optimised Marvell CPU PXA270.

Graphic performance is good enough for 3D games and video playback, which means the Central Station’s graphic interface runs without time lags.

The operating system is a modified Gentoo Linux system.

The abstraction layer enables the application (cs2.arm) theoretically to run on all appropriate hardware platforms.

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