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The rugged CompactPCI RAID server, Kontron CP-ASM3-RAID, combines CompactPCI technology with high-speed SATA connections via the backplane.

The modular Kontron CP-ASM3-RAID has a high-speed RAID array comprising up to eight SATA-II hard disks (SATA 3.0Gb/s) or solid-state drives, and has high shock and vibration resistance.

Due to a protective coating on electronic components, the fanless system design is protected against humidity and dust.

Even when using standard hard disks it achieves a long lifecycle in operating temperatures of 0 to 55C.

The robust Kontron CP-ASM3-RAID server can be used in applications such as: mobile or stationary video surveillance, in public transport or tunnel surveillance, video and audio streaming and digital image processing for controlling various production processes.

Owing to the open system architecture, the addition of extra modules for further application areas is possible at any given time.

At the heart of the modular Kontron CP-ASM3-RAID lays the integrated high-performance RAID controller.

It supports RAID 0/1/5/10/50 or JBOD and a range of management and recovery mechanisms, and guarantees data integrity and security.

The hard disks or solid-state drives are integrated on hot-swappable carrierboards and offer a storage capacity of up to several terabytes, depending on the desired configuration.

The CompactPCI processor board Kontron CP307 serves as a system controller with passively cooled 1.06GHz Intel Celeron M processor and 512MB of soldered RAM.

For remote system management via LAN, a system management tool enables the reading of system voltage and operating temperatures or the shutting down of the RAID server.

Drivers and tools for parameter setting of system functions are available for Linux.

Further operating system support is available on request.

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