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The Kontron OM6061 is a carrier-grade 1U MicroTCA platform ideal for an assortment of central office and service-aggregation point applications.

These applications include SIP Servers, SSL Offload and content-aware processing and QoS over Ethernet.

The Kontron OM6061 features an eight-fan front-to-back cooling set-up, an integrated 360W -48V or -60V power supply and a cost-optimised MCH module within a 1U, 12.5 deep rack-mountable platform.

The Kontron OM6061 offers six mid-size AdvancedMC slots for multiple system configurations.

The carrier-grade telecommunication platform meets NEBS and has been fully pre-tested with the cost-optimised MicroTCA Carrier Hub Kontron AM4901 and the AdvancedMC modules for storage (Kontron AM4510), CPU (Kontron AM4010) and network processing (Kontron AM4204).

The three remaining slots are optionally open for a redundant AMC configuration or additional AMC modules.

This is a flexible platform for a 1U MicroTCA form factor.

The Kontron OM6061 can be populated with up to six 10GbE Cavium-based AMC modules Kontron AM4220 for sustained traffic of up to 120Gb/s.

This carrier-grade telecommunication platform features a high-speed backplane and can already support next-generation AdvancedMC modules with PCIe Gen2 and XAUI.

The AdvancedMC Module Kontron AM4204 features four 1GbE ports to the front and software-configurable interfaces to the fabric side (PCIe, four 1GbE or XAUI).

Designed with Cavium’s Octeon Plus 5650 Network Service Processor, it provides high-density, high-bandwidth serial I/O for networking.

It is also optimised for layer four-to-seven data and security processing, targeting 3G/4G BTS, RNC, xGSN and media gateways.

The Kontron AM4010 is an integrated mid-size processor AdvancedMC module and is based on the Intel Core Duo and the Intel Core2 Duo processor, complemented by the Intel 3100 server-class chipset.

It includes up to 4GB registered double data rate (DDR2) memory.

The Kontron AM4510 SATA storage AdvancedMC module uses Intel’s X25-E solid-state drive for native serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) and achieves enhanced performance, reliability, ruggedness and power savings.

The Kontron AM4901 MCH contains an unmanaged BCM5396 Ethernet switch for a simplified design and improved costs.

It provides one GbE uplink on the front and provides six GbE ports at the card-edge connector (fabric [A]) for the AdvancedMC slots, plus one GbE for the MCH update channel.

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