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Kopex International is introducing metallic and non-metallic conduit systems for protecting cables in ATEX applications.

Liquid tight metallic conduit is steel-cored and has a PVC coating.

It is strong and offers a high level of impact resistance, capable of withstanding up to seven joules.

Different versions offer varying degrees of oil and chemical resistance, low fire hazard and suitability for use in high temperatures.

Non-metallic conduits can be supplied with braiding for extra strength and have the flexibility to be used in intricate applications.

These conduit systems are available in diameters of up to 54 and 63mm respectively.

This allows the conduit to accept multiple cables.

Steel-cored armoured metallic conduit can be used instead of more expensive SWA specialist cable.

One Kopex solution allows for multi-cores to be run through the same conduit, reducing terminations.

Conduit systems have fittings available for a range of threads including metric, Pg and NPT with threaded adapters to join many different sizes.

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